Crossing the Bridge to Artificial Intelligence Together: A Roadmap to Equitable AI
NCS 20th Annual Meeting; October 2022, San Antonio, TX
Moderator, Michael Young, MD MBE

“CHoRUS: A Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting Standards for Equitable AI,” [05:43]
Eric Rosenthal, MD

“Seeking a Remedy: Ethicolegal and Regulatory Aspects of Artificial Intelligence,” [30:06]
Barbara Evans, PhD JD 

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Quantifying Bias to Manage Bias,” [44:55]
Soojin Park, MD [44:57]

“All that Glitters is Not Gold: Silver-Standard and Gold-Standard Labels for Critical Care AI,” [1:02:06]
Xiao Hu, PhD 

“We’re in this together: Data-Driven Teaming Science for AI,” [1:11:55]
Yulia Levites Strekalova, PhD

“On the Editor’s Desk: Enhancing Rigor and Reproducibility for Publishing in AI,” [1:21:20]
Robert Stevens, MD

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