The goal of the CHoRUS Network is to develop the most diverse, high-resolution, ethically sourced, AI-ready data set to answer the grand challenge of improving recovery from acute illness.

20 academic centers, of which 14 will contribute as Data Acquisition centers

Patient-focused efforts to determine the ethical and legal approaches to 10manage privacy and bias, while accounting for Social Determinants of Health

Unified standards to harmonize multi-modal EHR, waveform, imaging, and text data

A cloud infrastructure for de-identification, ETL, curation, and visualization of data

An annotation environment to label data with targets important for prediction

A comprehensive set of approaches to developing the skills and workforce for a next generation of diverse academic and community AI scientists

Federated access to enable sampling methods to ensure a balance and diverse cohort

and a BRIDGE Center working with the CHoRUS Network and 3 other data generation projects to help us cross the Bridge2AI … together.


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